Daily Cardio: Running Late ~ Blog Three

Daily Cardio: Running Late

I can’t count the times in high school that I walked into the office, an hour (or so) after school had started, and the secretary already had my unexcused tardy slip filled out. My logic: if I’m already late, why rush? It wasn’t like I could get a “super” tardy slip?

          Scenario: Slept through my 6 a.m. alarm, 6:30 alarm, 6:45 alarm, and 7:15…  before my dad finally busted through my door, flipped on the lights, and said (in an alarming tone of voice) “ABBY it’s 7:30! You’re going to be late!”. My reaction? Sprang out of bed, got dressed, grabbed some coffee and a granola bar, ran out the door, and made it to school by the class bell at 8:00 a.m.! Ha. If only…. My true reaction? Groaned, scrolled through my Facebook timeline, took a shower, did my hair and makeup, showered my cat with affection, made a pit stop at Starbucks, and made it to school by my 2nd (or 3rd) class. It’s a fact, I’m not a punctual person. My family will all sit in the running car in the driveway and honk at me, while I’m still in the house looking for my shoes. Friends will tell me to arrive a half hour earlier than everyone else, knowing I’ll be late. Fast forward to college, I’m no better. My classes are purposely scheduled later in the day so I won’t sleep through them, but you’ll still catch me racing out of my apartment, shoes in one hand (I’ll put them on in the car, I tell myself…that’ll save time!), applying mascara with the other. No, I wouldn’t describe myself as punctual.


I won’t lie, I know this isn’t my best trait and I’ve done my share of Friday Schools to remind me of this. I get it, early bird gets the worm!! While being chronically late is not going to turn out to be an asset of mine, there is something to be said about taking your time. How often are we rushing from one obligation to another? Rushing to get the house cleaned, rushing to get errands done, rushing to get home, rushing to leave home? Before you know it, the week is over. Thank goodness for the weekend right?! Except sometimes we cram our “free days” up so much with activities or playing catch up that our beloved weekend is over, Monday’s a knockin, and you’ll have to go through your hectic work week once again.


………..but what if we just slowed down for an hour, a day, a morning?


The mess in your house will still be there after you go catch up with an old friend. Not to say, “Drop all your obligations”, but make sure that you’re taking time for the people and things that recharge you, matter to you, encourage you, need you, and you want in your life when all the classes, meetings, tasks and errands are over. Take the time to appreciate who and what you have. The beauty around you. The day you’ve been given. Meet new people. Get to actually know the people you already “know”. Listen. Share. Breathe. Recharge.


I don’t think we live in a cruel world that robs us of joy. But we let it. Sometimes life is overwhelming; sometimes you have to rush. We just can’t forget to slow down, take our time, forget the pressure and the rush of the world around us, and find joy in the day, the people, and the blessings.


“Let the world go on without me, wouldn’t have it any other way. Cause I ain’t in no hurry today.”

Zac Brown Band

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