Blog Thirteen~Those Annoying Pre-Career Part-Time Jobs

I’ve had a kind of wide variety of jobs in the last five years or so…some were awful, some were ok, some were fine…but now that I do have a part-time job that I love, I laugh looking back at all the different things I’ve done.    And I do mean very different…

My first job was with the City of Ontario Summer Recreation Department where I taught dance classes to elementary and middle school kids for two summers. This was…interesting and definitely tested my patience. I then got a driver’s license and started a job in a little speck on the map called Crestline. I waited tables, washed dishes, cashiered, and was the Sunday hostess at one of the only restaurants in town. Even though it is one of the few restaurants around, I got sent home more often than not because there were no customers. Once I decided there was not enough work there for me, I started working in retail. This job I enjoyed for the most part and worked for about two years. During my summers in high school I also worked at a makeup and clothing boutique, babysat a bit, and even bailed a little hay. Once I moved to Cleveland I started an office job (after two years of dealing with the rude customers at my retail job, I decided I didn’t want to pursue retail again).  I worked at the Department of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, at Cleveland State University and yes I had to say all of that when I answered the phone. I worked as a secretary there for a little over a year and then moved to a different office position at Cleveland State. I now am a secretary in the Center for Emergency Preparedness at CSU where they teach preparedness courses to fire departments, hospitals, and other private industries.

Odd jobs just to make some money, nothing I really loved. However, approaching this summer I was looking for another part-time job and found one at my favorite place in Cleveland, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Even though I said I wouldn’t work in retail again I am now working in the FYE store inside the Rock Hall.

It’s not your typical customer service/ retail experience…and not only because it’s inside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Everyone who I come into contact with is in a specific state of mind that usually doesn’t allow them to be cross or rude to us retail workers. Some are searching for a poster or a tee of that one band that so detrimentally impacted their life, some are searching for mementos for their loved ones, some talk excitedly to the people they are with about “this one time at an Aerosmith concert”, some can’t wait to tell me an awesome story about their visit, their favorite band, their favorite exhibit, or spew interesting facts about different artists as soon as I greet them. And then there are many who are so lost in the memories and emotions that the music and artists in the museum brought back that no matter how many times you ask them if they are finding everything ok or if they enjoyed their visit you can’t seem to break the barrier between the real world and whatever is going on in their minds as they meander aimlessly through the shop. One thing everyone seems to have in common is that they are generally blissful. I never realized how much I enjoyed retail until I got to experience it without the unpleasant and disrespectful customers. But maybe it really isn’t so much that I like retail, and more so that I like to listen to music all day while learning about new music and hearing cool stories from the interesting people I meet…

But anyways, I write this blog to reflect on all the times God has provided me a job when I needed one. Even though I worked some places that I didn’t love and have caused me stress and annoyance at times, I feel grateful to look back on all the experiences I’ve had. And most of all, I am thankful that now I finally get to work at a job that I get excited to go to every day. I hope for the rest of my life I am able to find ways to make a living that also brings me joy and I will continue to look back on all the different bosses and coworkers and responsibilities that have led me from one point to the next.


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